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chrisI am an electronics engineer with about 40 years’ experience in electronics design and product development, including software and firmware development.  My electronics experience includes military, industrial, medical and telecommunications electronics. I have had the honour of working with two well-known scientists at the University of Cape Town Medical School from 1987 to 1991. They were Professor György Jaros, for whom I worked as research assistant in Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation (FNS) at the Biomedical Engineering Department, and Professor Tim Noakes, for whom I designed various pieces of equipment for testing the performance of athletes at what was then the Sports Science Department.

During my career I have also gained experience in, and a good working knowledge of, specialized fields such as modelling and simulation, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and solar power. I have been working as a consultant since 2008.

Services offered

I offer contract and consulting services in these areas:

  • MS and MBD — Model-based design (MBD) follows naturally on modelling and simulation (MS). In these fields a concept, design or system is modelled either as a mathematical model which is then translated into a computer model, or modelled directly as a computer model. These models may be either deterministic or stochastic, or both. The computer models are then used to simulate the concept, design or system, allowing parameters and variables to be changed easily and rapidly in order to gain insight before implementing the concept or design as a real-life system. Using these methods results in considerable time and cost savings.
  • ANN — Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are increasingly being applied to almost every field of human activity: science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, to name a few. It provides solutions to problems that are sometimes too complex to be solved by conventional methods. Fuzzy logic is frequently combined with ANN for an optimal solution in certain cases. Prospective clients looking for a solution to a specific business, product, process or related problem, but who are not sure whether ANN would offer a solution, are invited to contact me in order to discuss their requirements.
  • Technical writing — Technical specifications, user manuals, reports.
  • Electronics design and development — I offer a complete prototype development service including circuit design, firmware development and CAD work, such as schematic capture, PCB design and mechanical drawing, as well as full documentation.
  • Training — I offer training in modelling and simulation, model-based design, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and any other topic that the client may require, provided that such requirements are commensurate with my experience and skills.

My philosophy is to offer an honest, professional service with a scientific approach, and to place the client’s interests first. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Examples of my work

A number of documents related to my experience are available on the Documents page, which may be accessed by clicking here or using the Documents link in the menu above.

Please feel free to navigate around this website and to visit my other websites (see links under FIELDS OF SPECIALIZATION in the panel on the right). Should you wish to contact me, please visit my contact page.

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